Welcome to Harping at Home!

The Harping at Home music series allows you to play beautiful harp duets with a world-class musician right from your own home. Whether you have been playing for only a few months or many years, you can experience the joy of making music together from anywhere in the world!

Here’s how it works: Each arrangement in the series consists of two harp parts, an easier Harp 1 part suitable for beginners and a more challenging Harp 2 part suitable for intermediate players. Included with each piece are links to video performances of both parts. Choose the part you would like to learn, and then pull up the video of the other part and play along with a professional harpist! The videos are designed to be simple to use, with each including a short 2-4 measure introduction that is also printed in each part as an “optional intro” so you know exactly when to come in.

These lovely, versatile arrangements can be played by in-person ensembles as well. They are ideal for mixed-level groups and ensure that everyone has something interesting and fulfilling to play. In the absence of a conductor, the “optional intro” can be played by an ensemble leader to cue in the other players.

Choose from a growing selection of pieces, or commission a new arrangement/accompaniment combo of your favorite piece! Visit the Sheet Music page for more details.